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Training – project management

If you don’t collect data, you feel in the dark. If you collect too many of them, you lose the ability to draw conclusions

The training allows you to get acquainted with the details of Scrum or Agile Project Management, among others philosophy, organization of project work, roles in teams and creating business value based on customer needs and learning about selected aspects of Agile in practice. agile performance management


Online training

We use most of the available video transmission technologies (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Zoom, Skype for Business, Clickmeeting) as well as tools to make the meeting more attractive (Mural, Mentimeter, Kahoot, Miro, Videoask, Quizlet etc.)

We have unique experience among training companies in organizing online training and webinars. We conducted them long before the pandemic .

If you have problems using the programs, our online assistant is available to help.

We provide tools to support development in the form of pre-school and post-training tasks and knowledge pills (video, text, podcast).

The price includes: participation in online training, electronic materials, PDF certificate.

There is currently no set date for online training. Find out about the new date: Consultant


The essence of the training is to get acquainted with the subject of the efficiency of work of agile- teams. Research shows that well-organized ,Agile- teams can increase their efficiency by 200-400%. The key to achieving these indicators is to prepare a coherent, transparent approach to working with estimates and their monitoring from many perspectives – available working time, valuation classes, performance indicators and indicators for monitoring the progress of work.

The training teaches you how to manage a project and shows what agile-team management really is. It allows you to get acquainted with-agile- in practice; issues of estimating and monitoring effective working time and issues of improving the efficiency of project teams, as well as agile-agile organization.

An integral part of the training are workshops that allow you to test the approaches to working time estimation (working time monitoring), creating categories of estimation, performance indicators and approaches to improving it, as the-agile-culture says.

Target groups:

Project specialists

Project managers

Project, program and portfolio managers

Project team managers and members of the Project Office

Heads of departments and teams

People who are or are preparing to be Scrum Master

People who are or are preparing to be-Agile Coach

Team members implementing-agile projects

People interested in increasing the performance of project teams


  1. Introduction

Estimation issues – traditional and-agile approaches

  1. Effective working time of an-agile team

Planning of effective working time

Monitoring the effective working time

  1. Requirements valuation (User Story) – preparation

Defining requirements and acceptance criteria

Defining the estimation categories

Types of estimation

Adjusting the estimation methods

  1. Valuation of requirements in practice

Positioning of scales

Effective planning poker

Alternative valuation methods

  1. Valuation of development tasks

User story and development tasks – the use of scales

  1. Team performance

Velocity, capacity

Progress monitoring – burn charts

Improving team performance

  1. Estimation risk management

Risk planning

Project risk management

  1. IT tools at work with estimating and monitoring effectiveness

Review of IT tools

Examples of estimation approaches in selected tools

Trainer and practitioner with over 20 years of experience in cooperation with clients, partners in many industries in Poland and abroad (EMEA and Russia). He has been implementing projects in classic and-agile approaches since 1999. In his work, he combines experience related to a strategic approach to organization, design and implementation of management systems and optimization of business processes as well as management of product and service offers. Over 20,000 hours of coaching and consulting experience.

He has been using-Agile approaches in process and project management, Lean,-Agile Project Management, and Scrum since the beginning of his professional practice. He also works with organizations as-Agile Coach. He has certifications in the following areas:-Agile PM, Scrum, ITIL, Lean, Lean IT and Professional Scrum Master I-Agile Project Management Approved Trainer- APMG International. She was an Expert of the Polish Quality Award. One of the many favorite quotes is a quote. We don’t always have an influence on what happens to us, but we always have a choice what to do with it.

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