What Is Learning Management System?

A learning management system is a platform that can centralize the distribution of teaching materials and progress management when using e-learning in new employee training and employee education. The learning management system can be used on any device, reducing time and space constraints for both students and instructors.

This time, we will introduce the significance, advantages and disadvantages of the learning management system, and service examples.In recent years, more and more companies are using e-learning for training their employees. Although e-learning can be done anywhere and anytime, it is especially suitable for companies with diverse work styles, but efficient implementation and measurement of its effectiveness have always been a challenge.

The what is a learning management system is a tool that makes it possible to perform e-learning while reducing the burden on the site, and further confirms and improves the learning effect.

Reduction Of E-learning Introduction Cost

It costs a lot of money to develop your own system when introducing e-learning. Also, even if the development of teaching materials for e-learning is outsourced to an external company, it will cost a considerable amount. Many learning management systems have a set of functions that allow you to start e-learning immediately, and some have functions that you can create yourself with some teaching materials. By using the abundant functions of such a learning management system, the cost and effort of introducing e-learning can be greatly reduced.

Learning Effect Can Be Confirmed And Improved

Even though the number of companies that have introduced e-learning is increasing, there are many cases in which employees are simply watching videos. Even so, the majority of companies do not customize each department or employee in detail.

If you use a learning management system, you can easily check the effect of learning by testing etc., and you can accurately grasp which employee does not understand which part. In addition, using these data, it will be possible to develop teaching materials and customize e-learning to suit each individual.

Disadvantages Of Learning Management System

Risk Of Leakage Of Learning Data To Other Companies

If you use your own external learning management system, you may need to use an external database or server. At this time, there is a possibility that the learning data of employees and educational content unique to the company will be leaked from the service provider. As with any other service, you need to choose a service that is secure and manage your own ID and password.

If there are security concerns in particular, it will be costly, but it is advisable to set up a server for the learning management system in-house and introduce a type that is completely operational in-house. ..

Typical Service

SAP Success Factors

SAP Success Factors is a service provided by SAP, a software company headquartered in Germany, that also offers a wide range of systems for talent management. If you want to solve a wide range of talent management challenges, not just e-learning, SAP Success Factors will be one of your strong choices.

Course base

Course base comes with a course builder that you can use without installation, so you can easily create your own content. In addition, since it provides an API, it is possible to link it with other human resources systems. Try a 30-day free trial first.

Teach Me Biz

Teach me Biz is an application that makes it easy to create manuals to clarify the work process. It can be created without specialized skills, for example, photos and videos taken with a smartphone or tablet can be added as they are as the contents of the manual guide. It has to be pre-configured, but it also allows your employees to browse the manual offline. In addition, there is also a QR code output function for checking the manual.


 Authentication Can Be Performed In Cooperation With An External ID Provider

Canvas LMS can be authenticated by linking with SNS such as facebook and Twitter. The main ID providers that can be linked with Canvas LMS are as follows.


However, when using an external ID provider, only the authentication part is linked. Attributes such as the user’s name must be registered with the Canvas LMS in another way. Therefore, Canvas LMS has a mechanism to import information such as users in a batch.

OSS Learning Management System To Replace Moodle ~ Canvas LMS ~

What Is Canvas LMS?

Canvas LMS is an open source software learning management system that enables distribution of teaching materials and management of grades at educational institutions such as corporate training and schools. Developed by Instructure, USA, the license is published under AGPLv3.

It is a learning management system that brings together the functions necessary for learning, and is adopted by many educational institutions around the world. And not only is it provided as OSS, but it is also provided as a cloud service. Moodle is famous for its open source software LMS. In the 2018 US market research, Canvas LMS has a market share of 28%, while Moodle has a market share of 23%, and Canvas LMS currently has a market share that exceeds Moodle.

Features Of Canvas LMS

The features of Canvas LMS are as follows.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The Canvas LMS screens are all clean and organized interfaces. In addition, although it supports many languages ​​including Japanese, the translated Japanese is also translated so that the meaning is almost understandable, making it easy for beginners to use.

It has a small number of vulnerabilities and can be used safely.

Canvas LMS is a secure software with very few vulnerabilities reported in the last few years. Compared to Moodle, which has existed for a long time as an LMS, in 2019, Moodle has 16 cases, while Canvas LMS has 3 cases, which is an overwhelmingly small number of vulnerabilities. Due to the nature of the software, administrators also want to avoid frequent updates, which makes management easier.

Can Be Used In Conjunction With Existing Systems

Canvas LMS has a function called SIS (Student Information Services) import, which imports various student information. It is possible to import information such as user information / authentication information, courses taken, and groups as a CSV file.

Currently, even if they are managed by different systems, they can be easily linked. In addition, the SIS import function includes a function called batch mode that deletes data other than the data registered by SIS import, and a difference that registers the difference of data that has the same SIS ID as the SIS ID described in the CSV to be imported. There is a batch mode. Registration processing can be performed according to the environment and operation.



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