Agile change management: the concept of operational learning and experimental spaces
Regardless of whether it is a small advertising and digital agency or the advertising department of a large concern – it is important everywhere to develop sustainable concepts so that you can make the most of the digital transformation opportunities. This article focuses on the model of corporate learning and experiment spaces and how they can help prepare companies for digital transformation.

The challenge of digitization – what difficulties do agencies face?
In recent years, companies from nearly all industries have been called upon to tackle the advancing digitization of the world of work. Only those who are constantly working on their own digital solutions have a chance to keep up with the driving force of digitization and the ever faster development of markets.

The implications of the changing world of work for agencies are multiple. For example, digital turnaround has long predicted technological innovation and changes in work processes. Therefore, companies not only need to adapt to or develop new technologies – for example in terms of automation. It is also about redefining the structures in which work takes place. For example, it is a huge challenge to combine the advantages of human work and artificial intelligence (AI) work in such a way that employees are supported in the best possible way and can optimally adapt to changes.